Design the custom foot orthotics your patients deserve


All the design files our clients send us are processed within 2 working days of arriving on our server. They are then shipped to destination using a courier that provides a tracking service.

Before milling, each CAD file we receive is downloaded to our local server and converted to a milling file that can be read by our 3 axis milling machine or by our 5 axis robotic arm. The post processing software takes many different parameters into account to assure an excellent milling result.

While generating the toolpath we may notice a problem with the design file. If this happens, we contact you to find a solution together because in our partnership, the footcare specialist remains responsible for the design of the foot orthotics. PodoProductions does not intervene in the design process of the foot orthotics. We will also notify you of certain practical restrictions of milling certain design characteristics.

As far as milling techniques are concerned, our clients choose between a « straight » cut where the foot orthotics have no shape at the arch and a cut where the underside of the arch is milled.

We mill our foot orthotics in EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) 30 shore A, 45 shore A or 60 shore A and our sheets are 30mm thick.

We mill on large sheets of EVA and so there is no limit in terms of large shoe sizes.

We believe that the manufacture of your patient’s foot orthotics is our job and that examining the patient and designing the orthotics is the speciality of the footcare specialist. That is why we aim to provide a top quality milling service which respects delivery times and allows you to devote your time totally to your patients.