Design the custom foot orthotics your patients deserve


PodoCAD 3D is a CAD software for the design of custom foot orthotics based on 3D scans by the SoleScanner Laser. The interface is extremely intuitive and user friendly and provides users with functions designed especially for foot orthotics which control foot axes, corrections (including pronation and supination), thicknesses and choice of materials.

When the design process is finished, the files are transferred to our production center through an FTP server.

About the software :

  • 3D viewing of the custom foot orthotic you are designing
  • An « axes » menu to set reference points
  • A library of outlines/contours
  • A « deformations » menu with submenus for creating zones and applying pronations and supinations to the fore and the rear foot
  • A menu of met pads and other elements
  • A menu of materials
  • Access to an FTP server to transfer your design files to the PodoProductions milling centre