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Read what our clients are saying about us:

  • Podiatrist in the greater Paris area

    My partnership with PodoProductions gives me more time to spend with my patients. Since starting to work with PodoProductions in April 2013 – the time I no longer spend in my workshop has enabled me to increase the number of patients I see each week.

  • Podiatrist in Calais

    I graduated with my podiatry degree only 1 year ago and my partnership with PodoProductions has given me access to a high tech solution without having to make an investment. Moreover, I can supply my patients with superior quality insoles always delivered on time.

  • Podiatrist in Central France

    PodoProductions’ solution means that I can guarantee my patients quality foot orthotics that are reproducible without being obliged to invest in a CAD system and without having a stock of materials to manage and a machine to use.