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Foot Orthotics

Your patients foot orthotics are delivered unfinished and without a top cover. The foot orthotics can be finished in different ways :

  • By finishing on a sanding machine and delivering the orthotics to your patient with no top cover. EVA is a closed cell material and as such, a top cover is not obligatory.
  • By placing the top cover of your choice.
  • By removing the front of the foot orthotics and supplying partial foot orthotics (2/3 or ¾). Typically there are suitable for high heels.

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Advice on finishing your orthotics

Finishing your insoles only takes a few minutes and many of our clients do this when the patient has arrived with his/her shoes. Find out more

Additional Training

We regularly organise additional training sessions for finishing your foot orthotics. These training sessions take place at our workshop in Belgium. Send us an email at if you wish to take part in one of our traning sessions. Prices start at EUR 250 excl VAT per half day.

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