Design the custom foot orthotics your patients deserve


PodoProductions is a Belgian company that offers a foot orthotic milling service to podiatrists, cpeds, orthotists and other footcare specialists. This service includes free use of the SoleScanner Laser 2D/3D and the CAD orthotic design software, PodoCAD 3D. In exchange for a deposit and a minimum monthly order, our clients gain access to this technology to treat their patients.

The process begins, as always, with an examination of the feet which is usually followed by a biomechanical analysis of the patient. The footcare specialist then scans the foot or a foot print (from a foam box, vacuum bag or a cast). This 3D scan is then used as the basis for the design of the foot orthotics in the PodoCAD software. The appropriate corrections are integrated to the foot orthotic design and the final design file is sent to PodoProductions via Internet.

All the design files we receive are produced and shipped within 2 working days. The orthotics are delivered non finished and without a top cover. We can provide a design service on request.




Would you like a free Internet demonstration of our products?

If you would like a free Internet demonstration of our systems, all you have to do is ask! Find out more about the benefits of our system for your patients and for you as a practitioner!